Avocados are one of the most nutritious foods available to Haiti's rural population. The out-of-season varieties, Choquette and Lula, introduced by ORE earn considerable income for rural families.

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Your donations to ORE will have a real and lasting impact on reducing poverty and improving the environment in Haiti. Every gift goes straight to the people you want to help. As a US 501(c) Non Profit organization with over 25 years of Haitian-based activities, we are able to keep our costs to a minimum ensuring that your gift goes directly to those with the greatest needs.

Agricultural Training Programs

ORE offers farmer producer groups extensive training and technical assistance in propagation, production, post-harvest and marketing activities. ORE is also developing an agricultural training farm, involving direct production and marketing activities for selected crops. The production and marketing of crops such as papaya, mangoes and hot peppers serve as a dynamic demonstration platform for collaborating farmers. Direct experience helps to focus on the constraints and develop practical solutions; successful production and marketing of crops act as a catalyst for participating farmers. The program focuses on improving production, grading and marketing skills.

ORE offers the following propagation courses and technical follow-up programs:

Formal training sessions and on-site follow-up for
grafting, minisetting and seed production.

  • Fruit-tree propagation: nursery management, grafting courses.
  • Rapid multiplication of tuber-crops and banana: cassava cuttings and minisetts of yam tubers, and banana rhizomes.
  • Staple crop seed production: training farmers to multiply commercial seed, training technicians in breeding.

Formal training and hands-on technical assistance in the field for fruit trees, staple, tuber and vegetable crop production.

  • Tuber crop and grain production
  • Commercial fruit production: establishment of orchards and maintenance techniques

Training sessions and on-site demonstration for picking, handling, grading and transportation.

  • Fruit picking, handling, grading and transportation to market
  • Vegetable and tuber crop harvesting, cleaning, grading and transportation to market
  • Grain storage: corn, beans and sorghum
  • Promotion of crates for transportation

Market linkage, inter-regional visits and assistance with negotiations

  • Inter-regional visits to successful production areas to promote awareness of market opportunities.
  • Linkage between producers, wholesalers and exporters, and marketing assistance.

Training Films on Environmental and Agricultural Issues in Haiti

Over the years ORE produced a number of low-budget training films. The films have been seen by thousands of farmers and technicians during training programs and seminars, as well as being aired on national television. They have been a very useful communication tool for increasing awareness of environmental issues and providing technical training for producer groups, NGOs and others throughout the country. We hope you enjoy them! Please note that these videos which were made in the 1990s are small in size and are not high definition quality. We hope that you enjoy them anyway.

Please be patient for a delay before the video starts

Land of Mountains

Language: French, 47 minutes,
Produced by ORE
Subject: Haitian environment, soil conservation and tree crops
Filmed by Claire Sobesky

Please be patient for a delay before the video starts

Gref Sou Pye Bwa Fwi | Grafting Fruit Trees

Language: Creole, 30 minutes
Subject: Teaching grafting techniques
Produced by ORE, filmed by Charli Etchegoyen

Please be patient for a delay before the video starts

Mango Se Lavni Nou | Mangos are Our Future

Language: Creole, 28 minutes
Subject: Mango grafting/production, post-harvest and marketing
Produced by ORE, filmed by Clarie Sobesky
with the participation of Philippe Mathieu

Please be patient for a delay before the video starts

Teknik Pou Minisett Yanm | Using Minisetting to Propagate Yams

Language: Creole, 24 minutes
Using Minisetting to Propagate Yams
Produced by ORE, filmed by Charli Etchegoyen